Join your fellow freelance journalists, photographers, cartoonists, podcasters, and other media workers from across the industry to plan the next steps in our campaign to win industry wide minimum rates and conditions!

Freelancers perform a crucial role in the production of media in Australia, from reporting, to photography, to reviews, opinions, and much more. The industry relies on our work and would cease to function without us, but we are not treated with the respect we deserve. From low rates, to late payments; freelancers across the industry have had enough, and are coming together to demand better from governments and employers. 

This year we have a unique opportunity to put a freelance claim to over a dozen publications. If we can get organised as an industry wide workforce, we can build on the momentum of our wins last year and set a significant precedent across the industry. 

We can only win if a critical mass of freelancers stand together this year, so it’s important that you RSVP and invite your freelance colleagues along so that we can make a plan and get organised.