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What’s driving freelancers from media to content?

By Vivienne Pearson Why I’m shifting from writing for media to copywriting Ironically, it was an accountant rather than a writer or editor who succinctly summed up my dilemma. “There seems to be a disconnect between your bylines and your income,” she said, after looking at my website showing my writing in The Sydney Morning…

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Secure jobs – worth fighting for

As the cost of living continues to rise, fair wages and secure jobs have become a central issue for the 2022 federal election in Australia. Declining rates and no floor for pay or conditions mean that more than 60% of media freelancers now earn less than half the average Australian wage.  Quality journalism is vital…

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Meet the freelance committee

The National Freelance Committee of the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA) works to improve freelancers’ power, respect, fair pay and conditions. MEAA’s National Freelance Committee aims to improve freelancers’ power through collective actions for respect, fair pay and conditions.  The committee was formally established by MEAA’s Federal Council in 2019 and existed prior to that…

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Cartoonists and Artists

MEAA members are negotiating with Nine newspapers (Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Australian Financial Review, Brisbane Times, WA Today) for an agreement that outlines minimum rates and conditions of engagement.  Tell us what you think a fair minimum rate for freelance artists and cartoonists should look like. Information you provide below will be kept confidential, data…

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